Sharon the Light chose our family last Christmas (2014) to decorate our home for the holiday season. Our then 4 year old daughter Olivia went through treatment for AML, a very aggressive type of leukemia for the majority of 2014. She went into remission and is doing fabulous. We were approached by Sharon the Light 3 months after getting out of the hospital to see if we would be interested in them decorating our house for the holidays. We were so excited to get offered such an amazing and kind gift! Our family had a trip planned out of town on one of the weekends in December. While we were gone Sharon the Light decorated our home. We didn’t tell the kids about it. When we got home and the kids saw the decorations they were ecstatic and so excited to turn the lights on! I will never forget the smiles and happiness this brought to my children who went through a really tough year.

Sarah Dodson

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